Meet our team

At Smart Skin Care, we have dedicated ourselves to treating the skin of women over 40 and rejuvenating them without botox, without surgeries, and without fillers.

Laura Torres

Introducing Laura Torres, our Master Esthetician and CEO at Smart Skin Care, a visionary in natural beauty with over 5 years of experience as a licensed esthetician.

Graduating with honors from the prestigious Christine Valmy school, Laura has shaped our philosophy centered around enhancing your beauty without compromising your health.

With 15 certifications in advanced treatments, she specializes in rejuvenation, collagen generation, skin repair, depigmentation, and proper nutrition.
Laura is not only an expert in her field but also a warm and friendly individual committed to providing the best possible service to each person.

Discover the leadership and passion behind
Smart Skin Care with Laura Torres.

Perla, Licensed Esthetician

My name is Perla Xelhuantzi, I’m a licensed esthetician, graduated from Christine Valmy Esthetic school with honors. I’m also trained and certified in advanced treatments such as microneedling, jet plasma energy, laser hair removal. What I love the most about being an esthetician is helping women feel confident and beautiful no matter their age. It’s gratifying and rewarding being part of their skin transformation journey, seeing not only their skin improve but also their confidence and emotional wellbeing.

Dra.Christin Barry, Licensed physician

  • Graduated from Sunny Downstate Medical School.
  • With over 9 years of experience in the medical field, dedicated to serving through her profession.
  • Specialized in facial injectables, renowned for her unique precision.

¡Those who already know her can attest to Dr. Barry’s excellence in her work.!

Dra. Nathalie Méndez, Medical Surgeon

  • Medical Surgeon from Santiago de Cali University
  • Plant Pharmacology from Juan N Corpas University
  • Functional and Regenerative Medicine from Santiago de Cali University
  • Scientific Director of supplement, homeopathic, and cosmetic laboratories for 20 years.

    ¡A true professional expert in her field with impeccable work ethics.!