Fatigued face and dark circles Facial

Say goodbye to tired-looking skin and dark circles with our Rejuvenating Facial!

Tired of constantly being asked if you're exhausted or sick? Our facial not only gives you a more rested appearance but also reduces swelling under your eyes and significantly improves the look of dark circles. Get ready to receive compliments, especially on special occasions!

Combine the magic of our facial cupping, heat and cold therapy, along with our unbeatable oxygen – essential elements for remarkable results on skin after 40.


  • De-puff your face

  • Help diminish bags around the eyes

  • Reduce dark circles

  • Eliminate the tired look

  • Deeply hydrate the skin

  • Provide firmness to your skin


45 minutes Approx. 


  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • deep exfoliation,
  • cryotherapy,
  • electropration,
  • oxygen infusion,
  • deep hydration mask 

$ 150 USD

Tax included