Deep Pore Cleansing

Have you ever wondered how many impurities accumulate on your skin throughout your life? Coupled with the passage of years, it's likely that your skin may appear dull, aged, and lacking vitality. Regularly undergoing a deep cleansing is essential, and our facial treatment is designed to achieve just that.

An excellent preparation before delving into any of our advanced treatments, it includes a purifying mask, deep exfoliation, extractions, oxygen infusion, and probiotic mask. Experience an incredible transformation for your skin.

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• Deep pore cleansing

• Removal of dead cells

• Intensive nourishment

• Skin illumination


1 Hour and 10 minutes Approx. 


  • A purifying mask
  • deep exfoliation
  • extractions
  • oxygen infusion
  • and probiotic mask.

$ 140 USD

Tax Included