Facial Depigmentation Treatment

Lightening treatment for a renewed and unified skin. 

Experience Plasma Energy:

We apply plasma energy at room temperature, creating micro-channels in the skin to enhance the absorption of specific ingredients, reduce melanin production and effectively promote skin lightening.

Discover Facial Mesotherapy:

injections with a powerful cocktail of natural substances to repair and brighten your skin from the inside out. 

"Experience our Lightening Peel:

Experience our Lightening Peel: With a potent 50% concentration of alpha hydroxy acids, we remove layers of dead and pigmented skin cells. Blending with boldo, a pigment-trapping ingredient, boosts the depigmenting process, revealing renewed, even skin.



8 Sessions in total (16 Weeks approximately)


  • 1 Facial Mesotherapy Session.
  • 1 Repair Session  
  • 6 Sessions of Energia Plasma + Lightening Peel
  • 1 Hydration and Nutrition Session 
  • 1 Kit of specialized products 

$ 2100 USD

Payment Plan available