Lightening Renewal Peeling

"Imagine a chemical peel that transforms your skin without peeling or burning" Our unique treatment not only makes dull skin smoother and brighter, it also lightens pigmentation. With no downtime, the results are amazing.

Alpha hydroxy acids (50% partially neutralized lactic, malic, glycolic and tartaric acids): Renews skin without irritation.

Urea: Captures and retains moisture to prevent dehydration.

Lacti-Arginine Complex: Exfoliates, moisturizes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, providing elasticity.

Boldo: Antioxidant effect that cleanses the skin from blemishes and pigment 

Oligosaccharides: Provide energy, achieving a luminous and rejuvenated appearance.


An excellent preparation before delving into any of our advanced treatments, it includes a purifying mask, deep exfoliation, extractions, oxygen infusion, and probiotic mask. Experience an incredible transformation for your skin.

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- Reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

- Improves flaccidityt

- Improves hydration

- Depigments the skin


Treatment Duration: 

8 Sessions (16 Weeks approximately)


- 2 Hair Mesotherapy Sessions 

- 3 Micro-needling Sessions 

- 3 Jet Plasma Sessions 

- 1 Kit of specialized products

$ 2300 USD

Payment Plan Available