Double Chin Fat reduction with mesotherapy

Facial Mesotherapy for a Sculpted, Natural Double Chin

Fat accumulation in the jowls can be a challenge, but with our facial mesotherapy, we introduce a powerful cocktail of lipolytics and natural peptides. These components work together to effectively reduce fat. Complemented with our innovative facial cup, this treatment offers a natural and safe solution to sculpt your face and achieve unique definition.

Discover the freedom of a slimmer face - transform your beauty with us!


Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
Natural Facial Sculpting
Minimal Downtim
Improved Skin Quality



3 to 6 Sessions recommended. 

Performed by Dr. Christin Barry

Session time: 

 20 Minutes


  • 1 Session
  • Neck Lymphatic Drainage Massage 
  • Mesotherapy session on jowls 

$ 220 USD

Per Session

Payment Plan Available