Double chin Tightening Treatment (Fibroblast)

Reaffirm your beauty: Say goodbye to excess skin on your double chin with our exclusive Fibroblast Treatment.

Are you worried about the extra skin on your jowls? Look no further, our Fibroblast treatment is the ideal solution. Using plasma energy, it creates small stimulations in the skin, generating visible results for up to 3 and 4 years. This innovative method not only reduces, but also tightens the skin naturally, revitalizing your appearance.

Discover a firmer, rejuvenated jowl - beauty with us!



Two sessions are required 

Treatment Performed by Dr. Christin Barry.


 Session time: 

 60 Minutes 


1 Fibroblast session on the jowls.

1 repair session 

1 Kit with specialized products 

$ 750 Per Session