Peeling for hormonal Acne (Biorepeel)

Break Free from Acne After 40: Discover Our Revolutionary Biorepeel Treatment

Incredible as it may seem, hormonal changes after 40 can trigger acne, an annoying, painful experience that affects your self-esteem.

That's why we've selected the best acne peel on the market: Biorepeel. With a unique and patented formula, this treatment will not only reduce your acne, but also the marks it has left behind. No burns or adverse effects on your skin.

Reaffirm your beauty at any age - experience the transformation with our treatment designed for women over 40!


  • Decreases inflammatory hormonal acne.
  • Reduction of spots and marks caused by acne 
  • Brightness and luminosity
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles.


Session time: 

35 minutes 


1 Session

$ 250 USD 

3 Sessions

$ 630 USD

6 Sessions

$ 1230 USD

Real People. Real Results


Yokasty Hernandez

“Before discovering HairRevivePro, my hair was thinning dramatically, leaving me worried every time I brushed it. Clumps of hair on my pillow were a daily distress. Fast forward three months with HairRevivePro, and the change is remarkable. My hair is now denser, stronger, and my confidence is restored. Thank you, HairRevivePro, for giving me back my hair's vitality!”


Lisa S.

“I experienced massive hair loss after having Covid (Telogen Effluvium). I lost over 60% of my hair and the texture completely changed. ⁠I saw a friend share that she was having success with HairRevivePro from her Covid (Telogen Effluvium) hair loss so I decided to try the GRO+ Advanced Hair Foam.⁠ Within just a couple of weeks, the texture was better and I started to see some new growth. After two months the difference was clear! HairRevivePro works!”

Sally T. uses:


agree they will still be using HairRevivePro in three years.